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Discover the culture and art of Verona and the quality of its products

Piazza Erbe

Piazza delle Erbe is the oldest square in Verona, built on the ancient Roman Forum. Considered the heart of the city, the square has always been its political and social centre. It owes its name to the ancient market of aromatic herbs. It is one of the most characteristic squares of Verona, still animated by a colorful market, where tourists and local people walk and linger for an aperitif and a chat with friends.

Tradition on the table

Such as Vialone Nano IGP rice, Garda DOP extra virgin olive oil, Marroni di San Zeno DOP; sausages such as Soppressa, cheese and dairy products from Lessinia, fish from Lake Garda and rivers.


Exploring the cultural and artistic beauty of the territory also means discovering the tradition linked to its people and its lands, allowing themselves to be conquered by the goodness of the genuine and quality products of the area.

Lake Garda

A few kilometers from our location is Lake Garda, known for its countless artistic and cultural destinations, as well as for its intact nature